NYC Building Department Violation


The Violation Removal Process can sometimes be a difficult one to understand. In most instances, when an owner receives a property violation, the first step in resolving the issue is a mandated court appearance. It is highly advisable that you DO NOT attempt to appear on your own behalf, as it will often result in an admission of guilt. Violation Removal Inc. has appeared in countless ECB hearings and knows what to say, and more importantly what NOT to say.

After the hearing, there’s usually a good chance that the violation will get dismissed, if it does, then there isn’t anything else for the owner to do, the charges which were alleged were not substantiated and as a result the charges and any associated penalties must be dismissed.

However, if the violation is sustained, the appropriate agency will require payment of any associated fines ECB Violations and in most cases a certificate of correction will need to be filed.

Accordingly, when Property Violations filing a certificate of correction it will often require a building plan to be drafted, which will then need to be expedited and approved by the appropriate agency, then a permit or permits will have to be obtained, and only after obtaining those permits can any physical work be performed. Only after the physical work to correct the violating conditions is complete can the expediters work to get the plans signed-off, and once that happens a certificate of correction can be filed.

The end result is the dismissal of the violation, and Violation Removal Inc. is here to help you.

Violation Removal Inc. makes the entire ECB Violation Removal process an extremely simple one.

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